Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sooo i got a new look and i feel free.....

i mean its still hard to get used to at times, but sure feels good to be free!!! no weaves, no wigs and no fuff!

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Gigi and Nini said...

Can I say, "I'm in freakin love with it. Omg" I usually rock a short do, but my the color, the texture, I just want it. I think I've found my new cut! PS. I'm loving this blog (especially as I think I was a celebrity hairstylist in a past life) :)


Thanks Gigi and Nini!!
I'm so glad you're enjoying this means so much!! Always trying to share tips and thoughts..hoping it will motivate someone =) Don't forget to check out my YOUTUBE (Muze Agency)
Thanks again for all the love! "Get it Girl"

P.S. I always thought I was a singer in a past life...are you a singer by any chance?? HAHA