Friday, April 23, 2010

A week in NEW YORK with Brandy!!

I had an amazing time in New York with Brandy! The weather was so nice in NY that I didn't want to leave, I heard LA was raining all week, haha!! Seriously though, I had a great time working with Brandy and Ray J, as always.

Brandy and Ray J are incredible people!! They're so talented that I feel so honored to work with them. Wishing them the best in all that they do! They really do deserve the best!! =)

In New York, we did the Wendy Williams Show so watch for their interview!! (Isnt' Wendy Williams just fabulous!!??!!) Also, Brandy had a photo shoot with YRB magazine. I added some photos as teasers so make sure to go pick up your copy of YRB with Brandy once it hits the stands! LOOK FOR IT!!

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T.Nicole said...

Brandy's hair has been looking on point. Keep up the good work...


Thank you so much T.Nicole for that comment! Totally made my day!!

All the best,