Monday, July 26, 2010

Who is Kiyah Wright's Assistant???

So, a lot of people message me to see if I need an assistant or if they can intern for me. Unfortunately, my schedule is so hectic and I get so many of those messages that it makes it difficult for me to respond back to everyone. That is why I decided to make this video to introduce, ahem, my assistant...CANDACE YOUNG! I just wanted to quickly thank everyone who has reached out to me...I really do appreciate you! Keep reaching for the stars and "GET IT"!! You're already on your way XOXO

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monique said...

2nd time today I've had a Kiyah Wright moment. The first was while watching you on the show "Shear Genius" (we get things late here in the Netherlands. Does that show even still exitst?) and the 2nd was via a retweet. Great to see you have made your dreams come true. I remember when I used to get my hair done by you in NY. Continued success!!! Let me know if you're ever in Amsterdam.


Thanks Monique!!
Your words are pure motivation!! I love it! You're the sweetest! Hope all is well in Netherlands! Take care!

"Get it Girl"